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Warehouse & Industrial Floor Specialists

CoGri USA are experts in global flooring solutions and floor consultancy.

aboutCoGriUSA inc was established in the USA to provide industrial floor solutions to clients in North America.

High Quality Concrete Flooring Services

CoGri USA is an accomplished professional concrete flooring contractor and consultancy. With a complete range of hi-tech appliances, and a team of fully qualified and expert professionals, CoGri USA are able to supply a full range of high quality concrete flooring services, consultancy and money-saving solutions.

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Part of the CoGri Group of companies, CoGri USA specializes in the upgrading, surveying and testing of warehouse floors.

Who Is CoGriUSA Flooring?

About the CoGri Group

CoGri USA are part of the CoGri Group, a consortium of international industrial floor solution experts. The CoGri Group has over 34 years global expertise in the design, construction and upgrading of industrial concrete floors. For more information, please visit cogrigroup.com

Our Company Mission

To provide and offer the latest solutions and technologies to clients helping them to maximize their warehouse floor efficiently. Further our development and use of the latest flatness testing and monitoring technologies to achieve excellence whilst offering the best value to our client’s compliance and consultancy needs.

The CoGri Philosophy

The warehouse floor is the most critical element of a building envelope as it affects the speed, safety and efficiency of the materials handling equipment that runs on it. Depending on the floor usage, it is essential that the correct approach is applied in terms of design, construction and maintenance to ensure the floor is fit for purpose.

The CoGri Group Promise

We understand the principles behind a good quality floor whether it concerns new floors, floor repairs or floor upgrades. We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise which complement our understanding of the modern warehouse operation to provide the best solution that meets clients’ individual needs.

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Whatever operational problems your warehouse floor is causing, CoGri USA can provide the most appropriate solution.

Global warehouse and industrial floor solution specialists

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