Concrete Floor Slab Repair

A concrete floor slab is the table top on which an operation performs and as such, it is often the greatest source of maintenance in busy warehouse and industrial environments.

Impact damage from hard wheeled moving loads can take its toll on the slab, typically resulting in floor joint damage and surface defects.

As well as operational wear and tear on the floor slab, a change of layout involving the moving of equipment and pallet racking will generally bring about a requirement for the floor to be repaired.

Our experience of repairing warehouse and industrial concrete floor slabs has enabled us to develop standard repair details for the vast majority of floor slab defects.

Here at CoGri USA we assess the condition of any concrete industrial floor slab, where damage and defect rectification generally fall into one of the categories below:

Concrete Floor Repair Services

concrete floor joint arris repair

Joint Repair

Reconstruction of the joint arrisses

warehouse floor joint reseal

Joint Reseal

Replacing defective sealant to protect arris edges

concrete floor slab crack repair

Crack Repair

Rebonding of two sections of the floor slab

other concrete flooring repair services

Other Repairs

Dependant on the relevant issue

Slab Repair Methods

Our concrete floor repair methods, including the materials we use have been specifically developed for use in operational, fully stocked warehouses. Our fast curing repair materials ensure we can carry out joint repairs with minimum impact on operations.

Our highly efficient vacuum systems mean there is no airborne dust, therefore no need to remove or protect stock. All our concrete floor repairs are finished flush with the surrounding floor profile, providing a smooth surface for the hard, wheeled trucks to pass over.

The main goal of our joint repair details is to, remove the deficiency to improve the efficiency. We firmly believe that a well maintained concrete floor slab and a pro-active approach to preventative floor maintenance can improve long term operational performance.

Typical Concrete Floor Problems

Hard wheels and heavy impact loads from materials handling equipment cause major damage to the joint arrisses.

Floor Joint Problem A

Photograph A

shows a typical floor joint that has been neglected and is now in urgent need of repair.


Photograph B

shows what typically happens to DIY/emergency floor joint fix repairs – they fail…quickly.

Floor Joint problem C

Photograph C

shows how far some floor joints can open and what happens to the joint sealant if it is not regularly replaced.


Photograph D

is an example of a common floor joint problem CoGri USA Ltd are asked to repair.

Floor Joint problem E

Photograph E

shows another example of a common floor joint problem we are asked to repair.

Our Service – We will pay particular attention to:

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The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

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