Drop Test (BRE Screed Tester)

To assess if your screed is adequately compacted and determine the probable performance in use, the BRE screed tester can be used to perform ‘Drop tests’.

The screed is subjected to four repeat impact blows by dropping a weight vertically down a guide onto a hardened steel anvil in contact with the screed surface. The depth of the indentation from the resulting impact is measured. The tests can be in accordance with BS 8204-1, BS 1881:Part 201.

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General Procedure

  1. Select a reasonably flat, smooth area of screed and ensure it is free from loose dirt and grit.
  2. Use a template to isolate the test position and locate the feet of the depth measuring device.
  3. Set the depth measuring device to ‘0’ and then remove from the test location.
  4. Locate the anvil of the screed tester at the test position in contact with the screed.
  5. Use the bubble on the guide rod to hold the rod vertically.
  6. Deliver four successive blows of the test weight to the anvil at the same position on the screed, dropping each time freely using the trigger on the guide rod.
  7. After four successive blows measure the depth of the final indentation in the screed using the depth measuring device.

The sampling rates will depend on the size and use of the screed to be tested. The acceptance limits of the in situ crushing resistance test (drop test) will depend on the type of screed bonded and unbounded or floating and also the floor usage category and the floor covering thickness. To discuss your requirements please contact CoGri USA Ltd.

Level The Guide

Measuring Property E

Levelling the guide and preparing to drop the weight.

Deliver Blows

Measuring Property F on site

Removing the anvil following four successive blows.

Measure Depth

Measuring Property F on site

Measuring the depth of the indentation using the depth measuring device.

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