Floor Joint Arris Repair

Most concrete floors have joints and each joint comprises of two slab edges, otherwise known as Joint Arrisses.

Floor Joints are designed and positioned to allow movement in concrete floors, without restraining that movement as that could lead to random cracking. The joints should be filled with a joint sealant that is rigid enough to provide support and protection to the concrete arrisses but it must also accommodate the anticipated movement in the floor whilst remaining bonded to at least one face of the joint.

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The size and cost of floor concrete joint repairs can be kept to a minimum if the damage is detected and repaired at an early stage. A proactive approach with regular inspections should be adopted to check that the existing joint sealant is doing its job to protect and maintain the floor joint arrisses. Once the damage has been allowed to progress beyond the scope of re-sealing the joint, it will be necessary to re-construct the joint arris edges.

Our approach to an Arris Repair

Existing Problem

Joint arris image showing concrete joint repair

Hard wheels and heavy impact loads from materials handling equipment cause major damage to the joint arrisses.

Wide joints suffer the most damage and any difference in level between the floor slabs will exaggerate the problem.

The Solution

New extremely durable joint system provides a smooth surface on which warehouse traffic can pass, potentially reducing maintenance costs to Materials Handling Equipment.

Repair Process

Saw cuts around the damaged area ensure that CoGri Repair Mortar is not ‘feather-edged’.

CoGri Repair Mortar replaces the damaged arrisses of the concrete slabs to a depth of at least 35mm.

The repair is ground smooth to create an impact free transition for wheeled traffic.

Tried & Tested Solution

Completed Floor Joint Arris Repair

Wide joints increase the risk of arris spalling due to the deflection of the joint sealant under load. It is therefore important to reduce the width of the joint opening at surface level. Our tried and tested floor Joint Arris Repair solution allows a ‘traditional expansion joint at 50mm wide’ to be replaced with a neat 5mm wide, fully sealed saw cut joint. All of our joint repair details are ground smooth and flush with the adjacent floor surface to ensure wheeled traffic have a smooth transition over the repaired joint.

Minimum Disruption

Concrete Floor Joint Arris Repair In Progress

CoGri USA’ heavy duty repair mortar, CoGri Rapid Mender is specifically intended for use on concrete industrial floors to repair joint arris damage quickly and with minimum disruption to the ongoing operation.

The rapid curing nature of the repair material enables completed repairs to be opened up to traffic within 30 minutes. Significantly reducing the downtime on operations.

Improved Performance

Arris Repair in MHE Route

Repairing badly damaged floor joints can improve operational efficiency, as well as reducing maintenance costs.

Good floor joint details will help:

  • Forklifts to run at optimum speed;
  • Reduce MHE maintenance costs;
  • Improved ride for forklift drivers, reducing driver fatigue;

Concrete Floor Repair Services

concrete floor joint arris repair

Joint Repair

Reconstruction of the joint arrisses

warehouse floor joint reseal

Joint Reseal

Replacing defective sealant to protect arris edges

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Crack Repair

Rebonding of two sections of the floor slab

other concrete flooring repair services

Other Repairs

Dependant on the relevant issue

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The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

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