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The CoGri Group Global Consortium are Industrial & Warehouse Flooring Specialists

The CoGri Group was first established in 1989 as a small manual floor grinding company, operating single-headed, trolley-mounted grinding machines.


In the early 1990s, Mr. Kevin Dare invented the patented Laser Grinder ® to provide a better system of grinding floors superflat in operational warehouse aisles, with minimum disruption to on-going warehouse operation. At the same time, his interest in floor flatness also led him to invest in the development of the CoGri Digital Equipment, used to measure floor profiles. Subsequently, this led to the formation of an independent testing organization who are experts in the measurement and control of industrial concrete floors.

Multinational Flooring Organization

Today, the CoGri Group has grown from strength to strength, from its humble beginning to a multinational organization, with representation worldwide operating from their main offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as well as working with partners and agents across all continents. In Asia, the CoGri Group is one of the leading floor contractors operating in the region and has a large share of the specialist industrial floor construction market.

Role Within The Industrial Flooring Industry

The CoGri Group plays a vital role in the industrial flooring industry as members of board of governors of the UK’s Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors (ACIFC) and is on the working party of the latest edition of the Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34, a guide to design and construction of concrete industrial ground floors, being instrumental in developing the flatness specifications within this standard. The Group has also given advice to working parties of UK, European and ISO standards on matters of floor surface regularity. The Group is a member of The Concrete Society, the British Standards Institute (BSI), the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) and the UK Warehouse Association (UKWA).

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CoGri USA are part of the CoGri Group

The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

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